Senate Approves Bills to Combat Methamphetamine

(HARRISBURG) – – A package of bills designed to stop the continuing problem of illegal production of methamphetamine has passed the Senate, according to Senator Gene Yaw, a co-sponsor of the measures.

“For many years, it has been too easy to obtain the ingredients to make methamphetamine,” Yaw said.  “It has and remains an issue in the 23rd Senatorial District.  I am confident these proposals will make it more difficult for illegal users to obtain the ingredients necessary to produce this drug.”

The Lycoming County Republican also said the proposals will add new protections for children and clean up the environmental damage caused by illegal meth labs.

Senate Bill 124 provides for the specific offense of operating a methamphetamine laboratory, and increases penalties if the lab is operated near a school, day care center or playground.

Senate Bill 125 provides for penalties for possessing the ingredients necessary for the production of methamphetamine.

Senate Bill 126 provides for defendants to be assessed the environmental clean-up costs associated with methamphetamine laboratories.

Senate Bill 127 combines the criminal provisions of Senate Bill 124 and the environmental provisions of Senate Bill 126.

“All of these bills passed unanimously in the Senate and they will supply the State Police, the Attorney General’s office and local law enforcement with the more tools to combat this problem,” Yaw said.  “These bills were introduced last session but never considered in the House.”

These bills now go to the House of Representatives for its action.

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