Yaw Opposes Plan to Divert DCNR Lease Money to General Fund

(HARRISBURG) Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) today opposed legislation that proposes to send $174 million from Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) lease money to the state’s general fund to help balance the state’s budget.

According to Yaw, 74,000 acres of DCNR land are currently leased. Of those 74,000, approximately 54,000 acres are in Lycoming County. The remaining 20,000 acres are located in Tioga County.

“Based on the lease payments, approximately $120,000,000 is derived from forest land located in Lycoming County,” Yaw said. “SB 490 as written does not make any provision to devote a part of the lease money to our local governments, including the county and townships.

“Drilling on DCNR land will have a definite fiscal impact on our local governments. Not taking this into consideration is a serious shortcoming of the bill and the reason why I voted against it,” the Lycoming County legislator stated

“While this bill has some very good provisions in it, I am hopeful as it works it way through the Senate and the House that language will be added to ensure that local governments where the land is located will be protected.” he added.

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