Yaw Announces Environmental Grants

(Williamsport)  Sen. Gene Yaw announced today several DEP grants that will assist counties with Pennsylvania’s Mosquito Surveillance Program and a small business energy grant award.

“These grants are important to protecting our environment and encouraging energy conservation,” Yaw said.  “They will help to improve the quality of life for area residents.”

Bradford County will receive $39, 250 to implement a mosquito monitoring and a virus surveillance program to determine if the West Nile Virus is present in the county.

Sullivan County will receive $26,230 and Union County  $51,913 for mosquito monitoring.

Under the Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant Program, Mifflinburg Lumber and Building Supply will receive $22,562 for a comprehensive energy efficiency upgrade, including heating and air conditioning, building envelope and lighting upgrades.

This program provides a 25 percent reimbursement grant, up to a maximum of $25,000, to enable Pennsylvania small businesses to acquire certain pieces of equipment that promote energy efficiency.

Contact: Arnie Kriner
(570)322-6457 or 1-800-443-5772

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