Yaw Urges House, Governor to Take Action on Budget Plan

(HARRISBURG)  Voicing his concerns about the lack of action on the part of the House Democrats in the General Assembly and Governor Rendell regarding the on-going budget stalemate, Sen. Gene Yaw presented his views on the floor of the State Senate today.

“I rise to call upon the Administration & Leadership of the House of Representatives to come out of the dark and put a budget bill on the floor of the House,” Yaw said.  “On May 6, 2009, the Senate passed a budget bill.  Since then the bill has been criticized but absolutely no legislative counter proposal has occurred.   That is over two months of legislative inaction.”

“SB 850 provided the opportunity for all members of the Senate to express their opinions.  We listened to more than three hours of comment.  While we may not agree, all members of the Senate had the opportunity to state their position publicly on a budget bill,” he added.

The 23rd District Senator said the Administration and House leadership have continued to deny the duly elected representatives the opportunity to be counted as to where they stand on budget issues.  The residents of Pennsylvania deserve to know where their elected representatives stand.  The PA House of Representatives is the largest full-time legislative body in the United States and it is being muzzled.

“In today’s environment of promoting an open and transparent government we should all ask, why not allow the House Membership to propose, discuss & vote on a budget bill?” Yaw said.

“We have heard calls that Senate Bill 850 is not balanced and it must be revised.  This is a red herring to divert attention away from the fact that the Administration does not want an open public debate on the budget issue in the House,” the Loyalsock Republican said.  “Instead the Administration wants to continue the practice of back room deals.  We need to bring the budget process to the light of day.  The House of Representatives needs to consider a budget bill openly.  Members need to have the opportunity to be heard.  They are elected representatives and the citizens of Pennsylvania have the right to know where all of their representatives stand.  When the position of the House of Representatives is known, real budget discussions can occur.”

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