Senator Yaw Votes for Fiscally Responsible State Budget

Senate Bill 1085 Reduces State Spending, Avoids Broad-Based Tax Increases 

(HARRISBURG) — Senator Gene Yaw (R-23) supported today’s Senate passage of a state budget package that cuts state spending below last year’s levels, includes no broad-based tax increases and maintains funding for core state services and programs.

Most importantly, Yaw said, the budget compromise will end a long budget impasse that has cut off funding to day care centers, human service agencies and other organizations that rely on state funding.  He said that the compromise will restore state funding to these important providers and enable them to operate effectively.

“This budget process has been long and challenging but we were faced with filling a $3.2 billion revenue hole without raising taxes on working Pennsylvanians,” Yaw said.  “The final plan is not perfect, but it lowers spending while continuing to fund core services, such as education, that are so crucial to the future of this state as well as restoring funding to important agriculture programs.”

Yaw fought against an increase in the personal income tax and higher spending, arguing that the state should be forced to live within its means.  And he said the final package had to be sustainable over the coming year – to protect against future tax hikes.

He added that while spending was reduced over last year, the budget does include increases in education funding, to ensure that schools and students receive the resources they need.

“This process has gone on for far too long and we need to get money flowing to programs and services that have been hurt by the delay” Yaw said. “I urge the House to move quickly on this budget package so that we can get a final spending plan in place and get funding to our local organizations quickly.”

Senate Bill 1085 sets general fund spending at $27.85 billion – more than $1 billion less than the Governor’s initial budget request and $432 million less than the approved 2008-09 budget total of $28.267 billion.

“The budget meets the goals of all parties in the negotiations. It reduces spending and provides sustainable funding without an income tax increase or raising the state’s base sales tax,” Yaw said.

Contact: Rita Zielonis

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