Yaw Opposes Legislation to Legalize Table Games

Senator Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming) today opposed a bill that would legalize table games in Pennsylvania, saying the legislation is bad public policy and does not represent a well-thought out plan for economic development in the state.

“Senate Bill 711 is all about creating more revenue, but it does not go far enough to prevent corruption, ensure accountability and protect the public interest,” Yaw said.  “This bill includes some reform measures that I support.  Unfortunately, the manner in which the House amended the bill gave me no choice but to vote against the expansion of gaming – the reforms just did not go far enough to outweigh the negatives.”

Yaw added that expanded gambling will not make a positive contribution to local communities or represent true economic development and will result in more addiction and higher crime rates.

“I support efforts to create jobs and improve our economy and infrastructure, but not at a cost to our communities and individuals and most importantly our quality of life.  State-sanctioned poker, blackjack, roulette and craps may bring in some money to our state but at what cost in the long term?” Yaw said.  “This is bad public policy, and it is not good for our Commonwealth. My constituents have overwhelmingly said they do not want expanded gaming and my vote reflects their input.”

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