Yaw Applauds Decision to Reject Tolling of I-80

(Williamsport)  Sen. Gene Yaw is applauding the U.S. Department of Transportation’s decision to reject the tolling of Interstate-80, but also urging caution as Pennsylvania moves forward with finding replacement revenue.

“I have been opposed to this proposal since its inception,” Yaw said.  “If approved, it would have put north-central PA at a tremendous economic disadvantage and forced residents here to pay for transportation improvements in other areas of the state.”

Yaw said the Governor and the General Assembly will now have to try and identify the necessary funding to make up for the anticipated $475 million in lost revenues that tolling would have created.

“When this issue is addressed again in the General Assembly, we need to ensure that any solution is considered equitable for all of the residents of the Commonwealth,” Yaw said.  “The I-80 tolling plan was ill-conceived, unfair and not in the best interest of this state.


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