Megan’s Law Update Pushed through Senate Judiciary Committee in Harrisburg

Legislation sponsored by State Senator Gene Yaw (R- Lycoming) was unanimously passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday which closes a loophole in Pennsylvania Statute regarding convicted sex offenders being able to avoid registering with the Pennsylvania State Police under Megan’s Law.   The current law does not address transient or homeless persons and allows sexual predators to operate apart from the current monitoring system.

“Once the legislation is enacted, sexually violent predators and sexual offenders who must register under Megan’s Law will not be outside the law even if they are homeless or transients,” Yaw said.  “It is imperative that parents and law enforcement are aware of where these individuals are to keep our children safe.”

If enacted, the bill would require offenders to register every 30 days at approved registration sites until a residence is established.  It also provides for additional victim and public notifications regarding transient and homeless sex offenders.

“In light of the recent court case in Lycoming County, where a transient convicted sex offender who had failed to register with local authorities was found not guilty under Megan’s Law due to the existing loophole, the Legislature needs to act swiftly to tighten up the current regulations,” Yaw asserted.

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