Yaw Issues Statement on Anniversary of 9-11

A decade has passed, but September 11th, 2001, remains as vivid as if it were yesterday. We each have our own recollections of where we were and what we were doing as the horrifying events unfolded and we still share the powerful emotions of shock, anger, and sorrow.

On this anniversary, we are also reminded of the triumph of the human spirit – right here in the skies of Pennsylvania when the passengers of Flight 93 learned that their hijacked plane was also part of the terrorists’ murderous plans, they fought back.

After 10 years, I believe we have emerged stronger, more unified and more determined than ever to protect the freedoms that we enjoy and to never take them for granted. Let us always remember the fallen, their families and our military men and women who continue to protect our freedoms – Let Us Never Forget!

-Sen. Gene Yaw

Contact: Rita Zielonis
(717) 787-3280

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