Sen. Yaw’s TV Report: Highlighting the New Energy Technology Education Center, Montgomery, PA

HARRISBURG – This month’s ‘Conversation with Senator Gene Yaw’ focuses on the new Energy Technology Education Center, located in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. The Energy Technology Education Center is a joint venture between Lycoming County, Penn College and natural gas industry partners to provide training opportunities for emergency and first responders in the event of a natural gas-related incident.

“The Energy Technology Education Center is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania,” said Yaw. “Equipping our emergency responders with the essential skills needed in a crisis situation is paramount. The Center will provide a unique and state of the art facility for providing this important training.”

Response crews assembled for a simulated lightning strike, potential methane leak and multiple injuries at a natural gas well field. Guided by real-time radio transmissions – with authenticity heightened by raging flames, active hoses and frighteningly realistic mock injuries – volunteer firefighters and other emergency personnel prioritized and conquered each of the challenges that greeted their deployment.

The program will air on:

  • Blue Ridge Communications/Mansfield – Channel 13
  • CATV – Channel 8
  • Time Warner, Sayre
  • Adams Cable Service, Channel 7
  • Comcast/Williamsport – Click On Demand/Get Local/Local Government/State Senate/A Conversation with Senator Gene Yaw

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A ‘Conversation with Senator Gene Yaw’ is intended to keep residents of the 23rd Senatorial District, which consists of Lycoming, Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Union counties, informed about state and local issues and to showcase the people, places and communities that make this area so unique.

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Contact: Arnie Kriner