PENNVEST Approves Funding for West Branch Regional Authority

HARRISBURG – State Senator Gene Yaw (R-23) and state Representative Garth Everett (R-84) today announced that a $28 million investment in Lycoming County will address existing wastewater infrastructure needs and improve the health and welfare of area residents.

As part of the current round of PENNVEST loan and grant initiatives, the West Branch Regional Authority, located in Muncy, will receive a $22,969,626 low-interest loan and a $5,491,723 grant for costs associated with the construction of a new regional 2.4 million gallon per day wastewater treatment plant. Over the next two years, the project will also include the decommissioning of (two) existing wastewater treatment plants replacing them with intermediate pumping stations, and the construction of 29,000 linear feet of forcemains.

Yaw and Everett said the substantial PENNVEST investment will give 10,000 residents more than just a new wastewater treatment plant and needed infrastructure upgrades.

“Without this investment, area user fees would be expected to increase by an additional 20 percent,” Yaw said. “By using PENNVEST funding for this project, the authority’s customers will save a significant amount of money over the life of the loan rather than if the money was obtained on the open market. Given the difficult economic climate, this funding will provide much needed relief to area users.”

“The new construction and modernization of the wastewater treatment system is welcome news for our residents and this is a prime example of having a sound state government investment in our environmental infrastructure,” said Everett. “The benefit will be across the board for the regions homeowners, business owners, and for all who live here.”

Once completed, the project will eliminate the hydraulic overload conditions at the Muncy and Montgomery Borough wastewater treatment facilities. Construction of a larger, more centralized, treatment plant outside the flood plain also eliminates public health hazards associated with the discharge of untreated or partially treated wastewater to publically accessible areas, including into the Susquehanna River.

The project’s anticipated completion date is March 31, 2015.

PENNVEST provides financial assistance to communities throughout Pennsylvania seeking to improve environmental conditions and safeguard the health of residents.


Rita Zielonis, 717-787-3280 (Sen. Yaw)
Charley Hall, 570-546-2084 (Rep. Everett)