Millions Awarded to PHARE Recipients in 23rd Senate District

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) has announced it has awarded $8.45 million through the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement (PHARE) Fund and Marcellus Shale impact fees, according to State Senator Gene Yaw (R-23).

In total, 34 housing programs and projects across 22 Pennsylvania counties will receive PHARE funding to improve the availability and affordability of housing in the Marcellus Shale region of the state.

Senator Yaw stated that $3,491,034 has been awarded for 10 projects in Bradford, Lycoming and Susquehanna counties that include:

  • Bradford – Community Cup Apartments, $262,034
  • Bradford – 400 Main, $500,000
  • Bradford – Homeless Assistance Program, $279,000
  • Lycoming – Memorial Homes, $400,000
  • Lycoming – Grove Street Commons, $550,000
  • Lycoming – Brodart Neighborhood Improvement Program, $350,000
  • Susquehanna – Susquehanna County Rental Assistance Program, $100,000
  • Susquehanna – New Milford Creekside Apartments, $700,000
  • Susquehanna – Susquehanna Neighborhood Stabilization Program, $300,000
  • Susquehanna – Susquehanna County Rental Assistance, $50,000

“PHARE is a crucial part of our overall effort to improve our economy and provide affordable housing to state residents, especially in the Northern Tier and across the Senate District I am proud to represent,” Yaw said.  “Over $3 million was awarded by the PHFA Board of Directors, up $625,000 from last year.”

“We expect this funding to have a significant, positive impact helping counties address housing shortages resulting from the development of gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale region,” said PHFA Executive Director Brian A. Hudson, Sr.  “Senator Yaw played a critical role ensuring that this funding would come back to communities in his district to help them expand affordable housing opportunities now and for years to come.  I want to thank Senator Yaw for all his constructive efforts to expand affordable housing in the Commonwealth.”

The approved projects will remediate existing property and address housing needs for seniors, low to moderate income individuals and individuals who are intellectually disabled or those with mental health issues.

“For example, the Community Cup Apartments, located in Towanda, is a local community project spearheaded by the Partners in Family and Community Development (PFCD), Allied Services, Bradford-Sullivan County Housing Task Force, Golden Improvement and the Community Alliance Church, as well as local volunteers,” Yaw said.  “This project will address existing downtown vacant properties through rehab efforts, while also employing local contractors to do the work and provide the manpower for improving and increasing these housing opportunities.  This is truly a collaborative effort.”

“I applaud all those counties and projects awarded funding today,” Yaw added.  “I am very pleased that the impact fee revenue that is being directed into the program will provide thousands of Pennsylvanians the opportunity to live in affordable and safe homes across the state, while also providing rental assistance and expanding more homeownership opportunities.


Rita Zielonis