Senate Bills 1061 and 1481 and House Bills 402, 1565, 2278, 2354

Senate Environmental Resources & Energy Committee

Monday, October 6, 2014
Off the Floor


Senate Bill 1061 (Rafferty) | Summary – Requires the design, construction and renovation of certain state buildings to comply with specified energy and environmental building standards.

Senate Bill 1481 (Erickson) | Summary – Amends the Solid Waste Management Act by restricting the Department from prohibiting the vehicular transportation of leachate discharged from a collection and handling system of a municipal authority or municipal-owned landfill to an offsite facility for the treatment of the leachate.

House Bill 402 (Pickett) | SummaryCreates the Recording of Surrender Documents from Oil and Natural Gas Lease Act, which requires a lessee, within 30 days after the termination, expiration or cancellation of a lease, to deliver a recordable surrender document to the lessor.

House Bill 1565 (Hahn) | SummaryAmends the Clean Streams Law (Act 394 of 1937) providing for limitations on riparian buffers.

House Bill 2278 (Pickett) | Summary – Creates the freestanding Unconventional Well Report Act by requiring monthly reporting by the operators of natural gas production.

House Bill 2354 (Snyder) |  Summary – Authorizes the General Assembly to review a State plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions prior to DEP submitting the State plan to the U.S. EPA for approval.

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