Yaw, Everett Announce PENNVEST Loan for Muncy Borough Municipal Authority

HARRISBURG – State Senator Gene Yaw (R-23) and Representative Garth Everett (R-84) today announced a $5,737,650 million low-interest loan to the Muncy Borough Municipal Authority for their 2015 Water System Upgrade.

The scope of this project will address several system deficiencies that include water storage, water age and loss, improving distribution hydraulics and pressure and elimination of water service lead goosenecks.

The state loan will enable the construction of a 1.0 million gallon storage tank; a new 12-inch transmission main; construction of a 0.5 million gallon elevated storage tank; as well as mixing systems to improve water mixing and water quality.  Further, approximately, 8,170 feet of 8-inch waterline will be renovated and re-establish 11 residential service connections along Market Street.

“As we look at the aging infrastructure of many of our local communities, it has never been more important to support their efforts to improve water quality through improved systems,” Yaw said. “It also should be worth noting that the Commonwealth’s investment will also provide for 20 construction jobs to initiate the project.”

“Muncy was founded in 1797 and incorporated in 1827 – like many of our older municipalities, its public water system needs significant upgrades from the iron pipelines that were originally installed,” said Everett. “As part of a regional authority the Borough recently upgraded its sewage treatment facility and this water system project will go a long way towards solving significant problems with the public water system.”

“The Muncy Borough Municipal Authority appreciates the support of PENNVEST, Senator Yaw, and Representative Everett with this vital infrastructure project,” said Eric Moore, Executive Director of the West Branch Regional Authority, which operates the Muncy water system by contract and provides management assistance.  “The PENNVEST funding will allow MBMA to address critical water system needs, meet the new PA DEP regulations, and help MBMA keep the public water system sustainable without creating an undue burden on our rate payers.”

The loan was approved today by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST).  PENNVEST was established by Act 16 of 1988 and is an independent agency of the Commonwealth providing financial assistance to fund construction of drinking water, sewer and storm water projects in communities throughout Pennsylvania.


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Office of Sen. Gene Yaw

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Office of Rep. Garth Everett


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