Sen. Yaw Statement on Passing of Former Senator Roger Madigan

“My heart goes out to the Madigan family on the passing of former Senator Roger Madigan,” said Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23).   “I have had the privilege of knowing Roger for more than 30 years.  During that time our paths seemed to have crossed many times.

He was beloved by the residents of the 23rd District, and most especially those in the Penn College community, for which he served as a former member of the College Board of Directors.  During that time, I was the attorney for the College, and worked on the contracts for the new Madigan Library, which honored his commitment to education.   Roger was a visionary, recognizing the importance of educating high school students on the governmental process through his Student Government Seminar at Penn College, a tradition which we have continued for high school students in our region.

It was my distinct honor to succeed Roger as a member of the Pennsylvania Senate.  He was a true statesman and friend, and he will be missed.”