Public Policy and Best Practices for Reducing Opioid Harm

June 6, 2018 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

14 East Wing, State Capitol Building

You cannot watch the news, listen to the radio or spend a minute on social media without hearing about the opioid epidemic. This epidemic has had a devastating impact on our families and communities. As the death rate continues to climb, accompanied by heartbreaking stories, many in our communities have come together to educate, support and develop polices to address the growing epidemic.
You are invited to attend an important panel presentation and roundtable on addressing the opioid epidemic and discussing public policy solutions.
Panel members will highlight best practices, share success stories and are prepared for open dialogue on continued and collaborative efforts to prevent, support and combat what is happening in our communities.

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Facilitated by Michael J. Consuelos, MD, Senior Vice President, Clinical Integration of the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania.

  • Brad Bendesky, MD, Chair of Mercy Health System Opioid Utilization Reduction Taskforce, will highlight the team approach for reducing opioid prescribing, pain management and community outreach.
  • David McKeighan Executive Director, Delaware & Chester County Medical Societies & Rosemarie Halt, Senior Director of Policy, Maternity Care Coalition, Both serve on the Southeast Regional Overdose Prevention Coalition and will share the ongoing work addressing this public health crisis and the collaborative approach of health care, law enforcement and community leaders.
  • Donna Watto, RSM, Vice President Mission Services, Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, will share the educational program currently being piloted for 8th graders at St. Eugene Parish School.
  • Mary Elizabeth Burke, RSM, Parish Nurse Program, St. Eugene will highlight work within the “Lessons in Mercy” program.
  • Todd Wahrenberger, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Pittsburgh Mercy will address Medication Assisted Treatment in a primary care setting.
  • High school students from Be Proud Foundation STEP UP program will outline their work in Fundamentals of Mobile App Development Training and the creation of a mobile app designed to provide teens with current, accurate, and scientifically proven facts about commonly used, abused and misused substances, their effects on the body and brain and their negative consequences.
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