Everett, Wheeland, Yaw Applaud $1 Million Grant for Water, Streetscape and Sewage in Lycoming

HARRISBURG – Lycoming County is one of six counties being awarded a grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) for water, streetscape and sewage improvements,” according to the county’s legislative delegation.  The $1 million grant was announced Friday by DCED Secretary Dennis Davin.

“This funding is essential in order to maintain clean and safe drinking water, and a sanitary sewage system, in Lycoming County. As we deal with new construction in the region, this grant will go a long way in expanding and improving our public sewage infrastructure. Public health is one of our first priorities as public officials, so we are very happy to see Lycoming receive such a large grant.”

The DCED’s Competitive Community Development Block Grant is to be used in Lycoming County to construct a new sanitary sewer system for the residents of the Village of Lairdsville, Franklin Township. Currently, there are no public sewage systems in Lairdsville, causing on-lot disposal system failures and water contamination issues. The new sanitary sewer system will provide residents with clean, safe drinking water and hygienic, efficient waste disposal.

For more information, visit the DCED website.