Sen. Yaw Re-Elected Chair of PA Delegation to Chesapeake Bay Commission

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND – Senator Gene Yaw (R-23) who represents Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan, Union and part of Susquehanna Counties in the Senate of Pennsylvania, has been re-elected to chair the Pennsylvania Delegation of the tri-state Chesapeake Bay Commission for 2021.

Yaw was first chosen as Delegation Chair in 2019 and served as Chair of the full 21-member Commission in 2020.  In 2021, that position rotates to the Virginia Chair, Delegate David Bulova (District 37).  As Pennsylvania Delegation Chair, Yaw will serve as Vice Chair of the Commission along with the Maryland Delegation Chair, Senator Guy Guzzone (District 13).

“The Pennsylvania members on the Commission are building momentum for new programs and funding to support clean water during the new legislative session, and we have a new federal administration that we are eager to work with on Chesapeake Bay issues,” said Yaw.  “The Commission has a 40-year track record of working in a cooperative, bi-partisan manner to find solutions that work in local communities while also helping the Bay.  I am proud to be part of its leadership team.”

Representative Mike Sturla (District 96) was re-elected as the Vice Chair of the Pennsylvania Delegation.  Other members of the Delegation include Senator Scott Martin (District 13), Representative Keith Gillespie (District 48), Representative Johnathan Hershey (District 82), Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Patrick McDonnell, and citizen member Warren Elliott of Chambersburg.

The Chesapeake Bay Commission is a policy leader in the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. As a tri-state legislative body that advises the legislative branch of state government, its mission is to identify critical environmental needs, evaluate public concerns, and ensure state and Federal actions to sustain the living resources of the Chesapeake Bay. The Commission works directly with the state general assemblies and the U.S. Congress and serves as the legislative branch of the Chesapeake Bay Program.


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