Area Legislators Secure Funding for Lycoming County Projects

HARRISBURG – State Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23), Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-83) and Rep. Joe Hamm (R-84) today announced several significant investments for Lycoming County through the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA). 

“I was pleased to advocate for all of these projects approved today by the CFA,” Sen. Yaw said.  “Our legislative advocacy is strong and we are fortunate to have many good local officials who are forward thinking in planning these projects, cleaning up our environment and promoting economic growth for our region.  These investments have a positive impact for all residents.” 

Jersey Shore Borough will be awarded two grants through the CFA.  The Borough will receive $78,002 through the Greenways, Trails and Recreation program to implement the Jersey Shore Active Transportation Plan.  The plan will connect the existing DCNR funded rail trail to the Susquehanna River.  This phase includes a trail connector to Allegheny Street, enhanced sidewalks, and curb ramps.  Additionally, the Borough will receive $150,000 through the CFA Multimodal Transportation Fund to assist with a streetscape project.  The proposed project will help accomplish phase one of the plan by enhancing the sidewalks, bump outs, signage, crosswalks and curb ramps along Bank Alley & South Main Street, Fountain Street and Allegheny Street, and Staver and Allegheny Street. 

“I want to thank the Commonwealth Financing Authority for awarding this grant to Jersey Shore Borough for accessibility and safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Rep. Hamm. “As the former Jersey Shore Borough Manager, I was proud to support this project during the planning stages and now during its implementation as State Representative. Outdoor recreation opportunities are important and Jersey Shore and the Pine Creek Valley provide a world-class experience.” 

“The Borough of Jersey Shore would like to thank Senator Yaw and Representative Hamm for their support of the Jersey Shore Active Transportation Plan,” said Cody L. Hoover, Borough Manager.  “We look forward to using the funds to improve the Borough and create more growth and economic development opportunities.” 

In the City of Williamsport, the Economic and Community Growth Corporation has been awarded $200,000 as part of a transition of a blighted brownfield property into a multi-field, regional baseball and softball complex.  The project consists of excavation of the brownfield, construction of the site into a multi-field sports complex.  The site will be home to six fields for youth baseball and softball, and one collegiate-sized field.  Funding has also been committed through the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce. 

“This multi-million-dollar development project will create new opportunities for the Greater Williamsport region to draw upon its world-renowned status as a home for youth baseball and attract thousands of new visitors,” Rep. Wheeland said.  “Given the potential impact this project could have on our community, I was happy to support this important project.” 

Lycoming County will also receive a grant of $287,379 through the Pipeline Investment Program (PIPE) to extend a natural gas pipeline to serve a prospective manufacturing company in the Timber Run Industrial Park, located in Brady Township.  The extension will provide access to natural gas for future companies locating in the Park, which is viewed as a critical economic development opportunity in the area. 

“Economic development is one of my top priorities as State Representative,” Rep. Hamm added. “I am pleased the Commonwealth Financing Authority approved PIPE funding for Lycoming County’s Timber Run Industrial Park. Establishing low-cost natural gas service to this site will allow manufacturers and future developers to bring high-quality, family-sustaining jobs to the area. I was honored to support this project.” 

“We greatly appreciate the work of Senator Yaw and Representatives Wheeland and Hamm in securing funding for these projects here in Lycoming County,” said Jason Fink, President and CEO of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce.  “Jersey Shore is a gateway to the Pine Creek Valley and Pennsylvania Wilds.  This investment will enhance the community for not only residents but visitors enjoying the outdoor amenities of the area.  Funding for the Timber Run Industrial Park is key to providing the necessary utilities for industries that will be developing in it.  One key resource required for Digger Specialties operations there was natural gas and now Lycoming County has the funding to get the service to them.  Our ballpark project will transform a highly visible blighted brownfield property here in the city to a heavily used baseball/softball complex that will serve local needs and sports tourists alike.  The collective work of our state legislative delegation will have great impact on Lycoming County in the years to come.”


Nick Troutman (Sen. Yaw)    (717) 787-3280
Kevin DiGuiseppe (Rep. Hamm)    (717) 260-6419
Alison Haas (Rep. Wheeland)    (717) 772-9843

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