Yaw: Wolf Administration RGGI Lawsuit Yet Another Constitutional Overreach

HARRISBURG – In response to the Wolf administration’s lawsuit against the Legislative Reference Bureau meant to compel the immediate publication of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) regulations, Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) released the following statement:

“This unsurprising legal stunt continues the Wolf administration’s pattern of reckless disregard for the Constitution and the residents of this Commonwealth.

“Once again, the administration relies on a flawed interpretation of state law to undermine the voice of elected officials – and the millions of Pennsylvanians who voted for us – to force this carbon tax into reality. Unfortunately, we’ve come to expect nothing less from this executive branch.”

“I, along with 161 other elected officials in the General Assembly, oppose RGGI because of the devastating impact it will have on our economy, our environment and our residents. We will lose our position as a leading energy exporter when power generation moves to other less-regulated states. As a result, carbon pollution will only worsen.”

“No lawsuit will change how deeply flawed and unpopular this carbon tax is for Pennsylvania.”

CONTACT: Nick Troutman, 717-787-3280

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