Yaw Effort Establishes New Decommissioning Process, Financial Assurances for Statewide Solar Projects

Harrisburg – Work in the Senate continues on a proposal that would establish decommissioning and financial requirements for solar generation projects and offer better protections for landowners, Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) said. 

“Solar facilities have a finite lifespan and many across the United States are coming to the end of their useful life,” Yaw said. “Establishing reasonable financial assurances will help address challenges as to how to properly decommission a site or handle associated waste.” 

Senate Bill 284 currently requires the Environmental Quality Board to establish bonding requirements for project developers who seek to install or operate commercial wind or solar electric generation facilities in Pennsylvania. Yaw will offer an amendment that will limit the scope of the bill to solar projects only and require developers to establish decommissioning procedures and provide financial assurances to landowners who may lease their property for solar generation. 

“This amendment provides uniformity and certainty statewide for solar generation facilities and landowners, which are often multi-generational,” Yaw said. “It’s important that Pennsylvania offers a regulatory framework that attracts solar development, while still supporting landowners through the complicated and daunting task of safely decommissioning these facilities.”  

“The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is thankful to see these important landowner protections established in legislation,” said Rick Ebert, president of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and a farm owner in western Pennsylvania. “Farmers who enter into solar leases may one day want to reuse that land for agriculture purposes. Ensuring that funds are set aside for the responsible decommissioning and land restoration of agriculture lands is in everyone’s best interests.”

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