Senate Approves Yaw Effort to Encourage Responsible Solar Development, Protect Landowners

HARRISBURG – The state Senate approved a proposal today that would establish decommissioning and financial requirements for solar generation projects and offer better protections for landowners, Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) said.

“As Pennsylvania’s energy industry expands to include renewable resources, we must consider the most responsible way to ensure these new facilities are safely and appropriately retired,” Yaw said. “This bill safeguards both the landowner and our environment from the potential harm caused by a lack of decommissioning standards.”

Senate Bill 284 includes a graduated, phase-in process for financial assurances, setting up five-year benchmarks using third-party professional engineers to assess and calculate fair market value of the project and costs to decommission it.

“This bill provides uniformity and certainty statewide for solar generation facilities and landowners, which are often multi-generational,” Yaw said. “It’s important that Pennsylvania offers a regulatory framework that attracts the diversification of our energy resources, while still supporting landowners through the complicated and daunting task of safely decommissioning these facilities.” 

The bill now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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