Yaw’s Energy Choice Bill Heads to Governor

HARRISBURG – Legislation that protects consumers’ energy choices heads to the governor’s desk after approval from the House of Representatives this week, Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) said.

Senate Bill 275, sponsored by Yaw, prevents Pennsylvania’s 2,500-plus municipalities from banning access to certain utilities, like natural gas. The “fuel neutral” proposal ensures no choice, including renewable energy, is discriminated against, Yaw said.

“This will preserve access to reliable electricity, no matter where residents live, and prevent a chaotic patchwork of regulations that ultimately undermine statewide environmental and energy policies,” he said. “It also reaffirms what many local and statewide officials, including the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, already understand to be true: municipalities do not have the authority to restrict energy sources.”

Yaw sponsored the bill as cities across the nation have already taken steps to ban natural gas in newly constructed buildings. The short-sighted climate policy prioritizes ideological purity over sound energy policy that’s inclusive of all energy options residents may want – or need – to access, Yaw said.

“The record is clear – mandates and bans result in higher costs and slower environmental progress than letting families and businesses make use of the energy resource that best fits their needs,” said Kevin Sunday, director of government affairs for the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry. “On behalf of the PA Chamber, we applaud the legislature for keeping up the momentum on this important issue.”

“Protecting energy choices for consumers means that residents can pursue ‘cleaner’ electricity sources if they want to or can afford to, without punishing those who don’t have the option,” Yaw said.

The bill now awaits the governor’s signature.


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