Senator Yaw Takes Part in Career Day at Montgomery Jr./Sr. High School

Twenty-five different professions represented

WILLIAMSPORT – ‘Politics 101’ was the topic of conversation when Senator Gene Yaw (R-23) shared stories with students during his recent visit to Montgomery Area School District for their annual Career Day program on March 31.

“I was able to get to know some terrific students at Montgomery Area School District during their recent Career Day program,” Sen. Yaw said.  “I explained a little bit about my role as a state senator, but also about my involvement outside of politics. When people ask me whether I intended to get into politics, the answer was no. But everything I’ve done since high school, since my time in the Army and law school led me to where I am today. So, while it wasn’t a clear path to politics, everything I’ve done played a role. As I told them, I don’t believe in luck. I believe “luck” is when skill meets opportunity.  I also stressed that it was important for them to get as good of an education as possible, to pay attention in school, and to develop as many skills as possible. That doesn’t always mean getting a college degree,” he added.

The excitement was evident among the students as they engaged in the workshop. The purpose of career day is to prepare the students for life after high school and expose them to different career paths and opportunities, which they might not otherwise have known.

Yaw said he hoped his time with the students inspired them to get into public service.

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