Statement from Sen. Yaw on RGGI Working Group Report

HARRISBURG – Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) today issued the following statement on Gov. Shapiro’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) working group report:

“Clearly, despite the good intentions of the RGGI working group, there remains significant disagreement over the structure of a cap and tax program and need for legislative enactment,” Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) said. “RGGI is a Delaware non-profit corporation, based in New York and controlled by energy-using states, not energy generators like Pennsylvania. It is certainly not in our best interest to have those states dictate our energy policy. We need a state energy plan, and I have long said that an Independent Energy Office can provide impartial, timely, and data driven analysis to guide our state in determining and meeting future energy needs. I believe most Republicans and Democrats in the Pennsylvania Legislature agree that we can advance policies that promote energy development and protect our environment simultaneously. They are not mutually exclusive. Though the working group’s report is lacking at best, one thing remains abundantly clear; RGGI is not the answer for Pennsylvania.”


Elizabeth Weitzel

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