Sen. Yaw Announces Over $750,000 in Railroad Investments in 23rd District

HARRISBURG – Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) today announced a $759,752  investment in the 23rd District to support and revitalize two freight lines through the state’s Rail Transportation Assistance (RTAP) and Rail Freight Assistance (RFAP) programs

“These targeted investments recognize the pivotal role freight lines play in grounding our economy and providing a reliable flow of goods throughout the region,” Sen. Yaw said. “I look forward to the growth and stability these projects will bring to my district.”

The following is a list of projects receiving funding, approved by the State Transportation Committee:

Bradford County

  • R.J. Corman Railroad Company, Lehigh Line – $675,752 to rehabilitate approximately four miles of track on the Lehigh Subdivision with spot tie replacement and surfacing.

 Lycoming County

  • Keystone Filler – $84,000 to rehabilitate siding track and relocate a rail scale, including drainage improvements.

 Yaw noted that North Shore Railroad, located in Northumberland County, will also receive $904,288 in funding for mainline rail replacements which operate in the 23rd District.

RFAP and RTAP are administered by the Bureau of Rail, Freight, Ports, and Waterways. In 2023, 25 freight improvement projects from across the state have received funding totaling $42.5 million.

 For more state-related news and information, constituents can visit Senator Yaw’s website at or follow him on Facebook and Twitter @SenatorGeneYaw.


Elizabeth Weitzel

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