Statement from Sen. Yaw on New EPA-Imposed Power Plant Emission Rules

HARRISBURG – State Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23) issued the following statement on new federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – imposed power plant emission rules announced earlier this week:

“New rules announced this week by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will further threaten Pennsylvania’s severely strained electric grid, lead to a tragic loss of energy jobs, and flies in the face of Governor Shapiro’s statewide economic development goals, all while triggering massive electricity rate increases at a time when most families are struggling paycheck to paycheck.

“The Biden Clean Power Plan 2.0 will impose an effective moratorium on natural gas plants and force coal plants to shutter prematurely, causing massive worker and community losses. Undeniably, this will have a detrimental effect across all regions of the United States’ power grid. Pennsylvania, the largest supplier of electricity to other states, would be particularly devastated by this mandate, forcing electric ratepayers, mostly families, to bear the brunt of this dual attack on electric reliability and affordability. 

“PJM, which manages the mid-Atlantic power grid, has already warned that Pennsylvania could face energy rationing by 2026 and rolling blackouts as early as 2028. PJM referred to state and federal policies as forcing the premature closure of reliable thermal generation, which is increasingly being replaced by unreliable, intermittent sources of weather-dependent power.

“I call on Pennsylvania’s Congressional Delegation to oppose the Biden-EPA Clean Power Plan and urge the Shapiro Administration to stand up for Pennsylvania workers and families, and energy communities who are the primary victims of these destructive power plant rules.”

Sen. Gene Yaw was elected to represent the 23rd Senatorial District consisting of Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan, Tioga, and Union counties. He serves as chairman of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.


Elizabeth Weitzel

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