Heroin Hearings – 2014

Heroin:  Combating this Growing Epidemic in Rural Pennsylvania

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania held four public hearings to examine and discuss current policies and practices related to heroin and opioid addiction, including prevention, treatment and law enforcement efforts.  Hopefully, information from the hearings can be used to develop legislative and regulatory action that may help to curb the use of these dangerous narcotics impacting rural Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, the number of fatal heroin overdoses has been steadily increasing.  According to a 2014 report from the Pennsylvania State Coroners Association, there were 45 reported heroin deaths in 2009 and 124 reported heroin deaths by mid-2013.  Other states across the nation are reporting an increase in heroin use as addicts are shifting from more costly prescription opioids to cheaper alternative.

Senator Gene Yaw talks with Berks County Senator Judy Schwank about upcoming hearings through The Center for Rural Pennsylvania on the rise of heroin and other opioid use in Pennsylvania.


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