Yaw Pledges Action on State’s Clean and Green Law

(Harrisburg)  Inconsistent interpretation of the state’s Clean and Green law in different counties has created a situation which warrants legislative attention, according to Sen. Gene Yaw, R-Loyalsock.

“I am very concerned about the way Clean and Green has impacted many farmers and landowners in the district,” Yaw said.  “Providing a legislative remedy to this problem is the highest priority which I, as well as local members of the House of Representatives, will be addressing over the next few weeks.”

Yaw is a member of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee and the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee which will initially review the proposed changes.

“Serving as a solicitor for Lycoming County has provided me with considerable hands on experience in dealing with Clean and Green issues,” Yaw said.  “I am also a member of the Lycoming County Gas Exploration Task Force in Lycoming County.”

“Recent gas exploration hit Pennsylvania very quickly.  Frankly, we had no reason to anticipate exactly what our state’s importance would be in the gas industry,” he said.  “Efforts are being made on several fronts to bring us up to speed.  Clean and Green is one of those areas needing attention and it will be addressed.”

Yaw is urging everyone to approach the Clean and Green issues prudently and cautiously.

The 23rd District Senator anticipates that there will be amendments to the law which could have significant changes in its application.

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