Yaw Announces Local Recycling Grants and Low-Interest Two Percent Fire Loans

(WILLIAMSPORT)  Sen. Gene Yaw recently acknowledged several recycling grants made to municipal and county governments, as well as low interest loans to several local fire companies in the 23rd District.

“When grants from the various state agencies come to my attention, I like to share them with my constituents,” Yaw said.  “This enables the public to get a better understanding on an array of state programs that are offered in Pennsylvania.”

Yaw said that Union County and several of its political sub-divisions received grants from DEP to continue their respective recycling programs.  The amount of funding distributed is based on tons of materials recycled in a particular year and the population of a particular entity.

In calendar year 2007, Union County recycled 1,890 tons and is receiving $17,567.  East Buffalo Township is receiving $2,637 based on 251.5 tons recycled and Lewisburg Borough is receiving $4,094 based on 333.1 tons recycled.

Susquehanna County is receiving $19,638 based on 1,697.2 tons recycled during 2007.  Silver Lake Township, located in Susquehanna County will receive $1,188 based on 98.2 tons recycled.

Two volunteer fire companies will also be receiving low interest loans from the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.  These loans are made from the Volunteer Loan Assistance Program.  According to the Fire Commissioner’s website, since its inception, the program has made more than $275 million in loans to the commonwealth’s volunteer emergency services community.

In Lycoming County, the Hepburn Township Fire Company will receive $50,000 to assist in refinancing an ambulance.  While in Bradford County, the North Towanda Fire and Rescue Volunteers will be receiving $44,309 to help in refinancing the debt incurred toward the purchase of a 2008 Badger Special Service Vehicle.

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