Yaw Legislation to Set Reporting Requirements for Gas Wells Sent to Governor

HARRISBURG — In a bill sponsored by Senator Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming), the Senate of Pennsylvania took action on the first regulatory legislation relating to Marcellus Shale.  This action paves the way for signature by the Governor in the near future.

Yaw said Senate Bill 297 amends the Oil and Gas Act to require operators of Marcellus Shale wells to provide well production information to the Department of Environmental Protection.  That information will be made public in six months and be posted on DEP’s website.  Yaw said “the current law required DEP to keep production information confidential for a period of five years, so the change to six months is very significant.”

“As this new industry begins to grow and expand, it is important that we have information on the amount of gas being produced by each well,” Yaw said.  “This is important to ensuring transparency and proper record-keeping.”

Yaw said his bill will also enable companies to determine where natural gas production levels are higher, which will help to attract larger companies.  This will not only help the local economy but also encourage greater production and use of natural gas.

The bill now awaits the Governor’s signature.

Contact: Adam Pankake