Sen. Yaw Statement Ahead of “Earth Day” 2019

State Sen. Gene Yaw (R-23), Chairman of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, issued the following statement in observance of Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2019:

“While the principles of Earth Day should be practiced every day, it is an important reminder that each of us must do our part to make our environment a better place for future generations.  Whether simply picking up litter, recycling or conserving water, there are countless ways we all can set an example on how to be better stewards of the environment.  As Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, and as a member of the Chesapeake Bay Commission, I am committed to encouraging these initiatives.  I am especially pleased that this week Pennsylvania will also be designating a new state symbol and visible sign of clean water in our state.  The uniqueness of the Eastern Hellbender species and its contribution to aquatic biological diversity are adequate justification for the species to be designated as the Pennsylvania “State Amphibian.”  The rapid decline of the hellbender throughout its geographic range is strong evidence that the species deserves substantial State and Federal protections, as well as support for conservation projects to restore the salamander to its historic range.”

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